Annelida Unfutures

Works in-progress from the Documentary Lab - Spring 2021

Cold Futures
Emma Joy Lawrence

Every year, a handful of people--scientists, military, cooks, pilots--winter over in the American Antarctic bases.  Inspired by efforts to find a sense of intimacy and belonging during these long winters, Cold Futures imagines a dorm at McMurdo Station in an unspecified past. Bounded by the sounds of howling wind and the light of The Thing (1982) projected over the rumpled covers, the room is filled with odds and ends that encourage exploration, investigation, and an invitation to consider how one might find comfort in a continent known for desolation.

Constance Harris

"(Un) Be. Coming is a visual mediation on the journey one takes to defining freedom on their own terms."

Trailer for an unfinished film
Bentley Brown

“Sizzle reel” edited this semester for a feature-length, archive-assembly documentary project that serves my dissertation within the department of Critical Media Practices. The film will run approximately 100 minutes and features footage from 16 cameras accumulated over the past 33 years, and is centered around my family’s move from the United States to Chad where my father worked as a missionary doctor. Along the way, I discover previously forgotten footage of everyday life, captured after I bought my first video camera to shoot amateur movies with friends.

Shooting formats: DV, VHS, miniDV, HD

To some- the digital doors are closed Colette Czarnecki

COVID-19 expedited public awareness of the ‘Homework Gap’ and ‘Digital Divide.’ In this piece, education is covered, however the analysis of how communities think of technology and what is their place in the digital divide will be explored and documented beyond what is shown.

This is chapter one of a collection of interviews and stories covering education. Here, Boulder Valley School District discussed how they expedited closing the divide and challenges. On a national level, the non-profit organization Schools, Health, Libraries and Broadband (SHLB) talks of how the divide affects communities.

This by no means is a finished product, and will be continued.

Walking on Sol
Nima Bahrehmand

How do the ancient beliefs and tales, or lullabies, become manifestations of what is happening before our eyes?

-- The whispers of the past are signals of today’s events --

The Walking on Sol is a two-channel video projection (6’59”). Using digital transportation and reconstruction, it represents documentation and investigation of the truth and fiction of the shambles of a Persian myth -- a giant gluttonous worm.

The destruction of the worm is believed to have sealed a permanent curse on the city, which causes drought, and the city would eventually be destroyed.

[area no.1](dakota ridge)
Josh Westerman

area no.1 is an audiovisual meditation concerned with Dakota Ridge and the remains of Dakota Ridge Sanitarium. The sanitarium was founded on the principle of strict dietary habits and idyllic settings. The piece considers the impact of this institution on the often neurotic food habits of Boulder, CO and the regions focus on “clean eating”.

This is our religion
Lisa Guinther

This is our religion is a small part of a larger project to document Local Boulder dance group and the annual ceremony to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Food, Farmland & Finance of the Future -
Michael Worchel

Four interviews with a varied group of food, farm, and finance experts/professionals.  These interviews, were all captured during the COVID-19 pandemic and leading up to or after the 2020 elections.  They provide insight into the future of food, and the bizarre financial and technological levels influencing the future of our food systems.

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